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The EzePawn Series is comprised of a base system and key functional areas that offer a wide number of different Loan and Interest types. Summary of Key Features Comprehensive Pawn Ticket, Pawn Receipt, Redemption and Accounts management for your Pawn finance business Complete solution to automate the finance Full information is kept on every Loan giving you easy access on all enquiries. Information includes Client and Guarantors, as well as financial details, current status, Interest schedule, letters, transactions, and notes. All information is easily accessed and clearly presented Various type of Pawn Receipts (Regular Receipts, Redemption Receipts) EzePawn can produce Overdue Letters for early detection and actioning of arrears. Letters ranging from mild reminders through to sale of non redeemed can be generated. Penalty Interest can be calculated on Overdue Loans, Advanced Search Provision to find the Pawner quickly Customer History and Party summary report will allows u to analyze the party status Easily track your pledged item inventory and customer information in one place Multiple location allows you to keep the pledged item with ease Integrated accounting Comprehensive, flexible and user-friendly reports Simple and Multiple Interest types and payment options Powerful and easy to use the Insurance and Collection managements for Hp Multiple Unlimited receipts at the same time

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